Men and Counselling

As men we can often find ourselves constrained by the stereotype of our gender and feel that if we don't "man up" and deal with our problems ourselves then we have failed in some way.

The truth is that sometimes we can't see our way clearly and having someone to talk it through with can free us.

It can be daunting to consider meeting with a counsellor as we feel that revealing our insecurities and showing how vulnerable we feel will leave us open to being judged.

This fear can be compounded if we feel that the counsellor may not understand us because they are of a different gender or sexuality.

For these and a multitude of other reasons we continue to struggle with our issues, sometimes finding other perceived "solutions" such as using alcohol to ease the pain and confusion.

As a man working in a field populated largely by women I truly understand the fear that can hold us back from seeking help.

I have worked with men both straight and gay and recognise the difficulty of allowing the "real me" to be seen and heard, rather than the face that we generally show the outside world.